In a matter of 5 minutes you have to be able to tell what the charity does, the impact they make and how the charity will benefit from the money given to them. The women committed to 100+ Women Who Care are here because it is simple, quick and impactful. Even if your charity isn’t chosen as benefactor for the night, you have had the audience of leaders in Van Buren County.

Be prepared with a speech that gives clarity to the work the charity performs. Present the history and purpose. If possible, share a story of how the charity impacts others so the group has a clear understanding of how their work connects to meaningful results or change. We need to hear your passion and why this charity matters to you. Taking time to find out how the proposed charity would use the funds is a compelling way to garner support.

Presentations should be simple and not overly formal. A short Q&A session will follow. Here is a list of topics you should be ready to discuss:
  • Name, location and history of organization.
  • Mission of organization including the purpose/people they serve (who, what and how). Provide statistics, i.e. “One in three children in our community…”
  • How will these funds be used? Describe the particular program you would like funded.
  • Identify how many people and who the funds will impact.
  • Tell how essential this program is and what our community will miss if it is not funded.
  • What are their current funding sources?
  • Who is responsible for distributing funds?
  • What are their administration fees?
  • Is the organization a 501(c)3? If not, what is their tax status?
  • If chosen, would a representative be willing to address our group at the next meeting?
  • Does the group operate under the umbrella of another organization?
  • Be prepared to provide all contact information for the charity
  • End with a heartfelt ask and thank you.